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DIY in a BOX | 35" FARMHOUSE Sign

Posted by Ashley Eisenhauer on

Our Farmhouse Sign is sure to make a lovely greeting in any home. Follow just a few steps below to get a rustic sign that you can be proud of. 







Find a great space to inspire your creativity! For this project we have set up outside on the patio. Put some newspaper down or a table covering of some sort. You are going to need this because you will be painting all the edges of the sign. Grab a cup of water for the brushes and a glass of wine for you! 

First we will paint the sign white. We will use the biggest brush and use a mix of both water and white paint. You can mix this on a paper plate or just get your big brush very wet then dip into the paint. This will allow you to see some wood grain through the paint. It provides more of a rustic feel. We painted all the sides first then laid it down to paint the front. 

After you have a nice coating of white paint we will use the black to paint the letters. Use the small brush included to dip into the black. Start with a light amount of paint on the brush so you can get a feel for the depth of the letters. Go slow and steady so that you try your best to not get any black paint on the white raised surface. If you do, use a napkin to remove as best as possible before the wood dries. You can let any residue dry and then apply white paint to cover. Let sign dry for a few hours then hang!

Be sure to take a pic and tag us online. We would love to see what you have created. 

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