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DIY in a BOX | Flamingo Wine Bottle Lantern

Posted by Ashley Eisenhauer on

We love the tropical vibes of this Flamingo Bottle Lantern. Grab a glass of wine or a tropical beverage and get ready to paint with us!













Start by painting a backwards S in pink. Add a loop for the head. Now give the bird a body. Reference step by step images below. Use the pink paint to fill in the body and head. Next use black to add legs and a beak. 

Now we will use the brown to paint the palm tree. Paint the trunk a lighter shade of brown. Make the trunk wider at the bottom and give the trunk a little curve. Using a darker shade of brown paint X's on the trunk. 


The third thing we will paint will the be plam fronds. Dip brush into both the dark and light green and paint the fronds as shown below. Start at the top of the trunk and drag brush out where the leave will end. Add additional points to the leaves. 


Lastly we will add some additional details. Using the black paint add an eye to the birds face and give the body two strokes with the black to draw a wing. Then dip paint brush into both the dark and light brown and make another layer of X's on the tree trunk. 

Place lights in the bottle and cork on top. Allow bottle time to dry then use inside or out. We do not recommend leaving the lantern outside. Bring in and out with you for your enjoyment. 

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