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DIY in a BOX | 35" FARMHOUSE Sign

Posted by Ashley Eisenhauer on

This DIY project is going to look great for the 4th of July! Let’s get painting to get this sign outside and on display. Gather you supplies and follow along.










First lay out the wood star cut outs on the left side of the pallet. Then using the blue tap, tape off where you would like the blue paint to end on the sign. Make sure to tape all three sides of the sign using one continuous piece of tape. Press tape firmly down and then paint left side of the sign blue. 

While blue paint drys, paint the stars white. Once completed, paint the second and forth plank on the sign white to represent the white stripes. 

Once white stripes are dry, tape off edges of white lines on the right side of the sign. This will give you a crisp definition between the red and white stripes. See the image below as a reference. 

Paint your red stripes on the sign. Then arrange the wooden stars on the sign like the image below. 

Using the glue provided, affix the stars to the sign. Allow sign to lay fat for several hours while glue dries. 


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