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DIY in a BOX | 4th of July Mason Jar Centerpiece

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Creating our mason jar centerpiece will be fun and get you in the patriotic spirit. Follow our simple steps for stress free crafting!










  1. Your first step will be to paint the mason jars. We have done two red and one white. Once you have a coating on them set them aside to dry. Once dry, use the included sand paper to destress the jars by sanding’s the words, rim and any other high points on the jars.

2. Next we will paint the planter box blue and set aside. Followed by painting the wood cutouts. First paint the word “home” as it may need a second coat. Then the stars, again we have done two in red and one in white.


3. Once all pieces are dry glue the wood cutouts to the front of the planter box.

  1. Add ribbon to the neck of each mason jar and tie a bow.

  1. The last step will be to decorate with moss. Don't worry about being neat. It will look more full and fluffy the messier you are. 


This centerpiece will look great displayed in your home all summer long. Use jars to hold flowers or silverware during a cook out! Or just leave them empty as we have for a simple patriotic centerpiece. Enjoy!


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