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Solar System Summer Camp Kit: Week 1

Posted by Ashley Eisenhauer on

Our Solar System Summer Camp project should be fun and easy for kids of all ages. Below are a few steps to get your rocket ready for lift off and a quick tip for easy clean up!










 Kids Wooden Rocket


1. Lay down some parchment paper prior to painting for easy clean up. Gather your brush, cup of water, and paper towel. 


**To get your kids ready for craft time give them an oversized T-shirt of yours to put on over their clothing. A long sleeve flannel works great too. Put it on backwards with the buttons up the back. Kids will find it funny, and you don't have to worry about the mess they will make. 


2. Paint the body of the rocket ship one color and the legs another. We used red for the body and blue for the legs. Let the first side dry and then paint the other. 

**If you add a small amount of water to your paint, it helps it to glide on a little better. 

3. Next, we painted a window using white and added rivets around the outside of the window in silver. Let your child express their creativity by decorating their rocket any way you would like. 

Solar System Mason Jar  

For our second project we are going to paint a few different shapes on the solar lantern. Reference the image below. 

1. When painting the jar remove cap and lights so they stay clean and paint free. 



Yellow Planet:  

1. Paint a yellow circle

2. Dip brush in yellow and white and fill circle. 

3. Using silver paint a ring around your planet. 

Yellow Star:

1. Paint a 5 painted star 

2. Fill in star with yellow 

3. Dip brush in yellow and silver and on one side of the star paint trails to light to make your star a shooting star

Planet Earth:

1. Mix dark blue and white to make a lighter shade of blue

2. Paint a circle using the light blue and then fill it in

3. Make green using yellow and blue. 

4. Use the green color to paint continent on your planet earth. 

Red Planet:

1. Using red paint a circle

2. Dip brush in red and a very little black and fill in the red planet 

Blue Planet:

1. Paint a light blue circle

2. Dip brush in light blue and dark and fill circle. 

3. Using silver paint a ring around your planet. 

Rocket Ship:

1. Paint a red oval

2. Give the rocket two blue legs 

3. Add a white dot to give the ship a window



Let's make this creation last a life time! 

Baking Instructions: 
**The following steps are intended for an adult to complete 
Place your mason jar (no cap) on a foil lined baking sheet in a room temperature oven. Turn the oven to 350 degrees, & set the timer to 35 minutes.  The intention is for the glasses to warm up gradually.  At 35 minutes, turn the oven off, & allow your glasses to cool fully inside the oven.  We find it best to bake our glass around 7:30 pm, then take them out the next morning after they've cooled overnight.   

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