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Sunday DIY #1 | $15 Holiday Hand Print Pillow

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Happy crafty Sunday!!  We're super excited to start this new occasional Sunday series where we share our favorite DIYs from home, & include a list + links for where you can source materials to create the same project on your own or with family/friends.

Earlier this month I resolved to spend more time crafting independently of what we design for Painted by the Shore, because let's be honest- we could all use a little art therapy, especially when we're in the BUSIEST season of the year!

Since our son was born I've loved creating hand/footprint artwork with him that is not only adorable (because tiny fingers & toes!), but also functional in our space.  And here's our most recent addition, just in time for the holidays-



16" x 16" Canvas Pillow Cover, Found HERE
16" x 16" Pillow Insert, Found HERE
1" Foam Brush
1 Small Round Brush, Size 3 or 6
Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint:
(Reindeer) Chestnut Brown, Beetle Black & Tartan Red
(Tree) Scottish Highlands, Seaweed, Chestnut Brown & Metallic Gold


1. Mark out the placement of your reindeer family/tree lightly with pencil.  This will help you get a good idea on where to start.  With the reindeer I did Cooper's hand first (in case he decided to move his spot, as let's be honest- toddlers do), then Eric's (hubby's), followed by mine.

2. Using the foam brush paint the hand (& prepare for tiny giggles), place on the pillow & push down with a second hand.  With the reindeer keep in mind which direction you want the head (thumb) facing.  With the tree use a mix of both greens, start with the bottom middle hand print, then left/right bottom, then work your way up.  See below for tips if you're crafting this with an infant/waddler verses toddler/kiddo!

3. For details on the tree it helps to let those green hand prints dry, then sketch on the star/trunk.  With the reindeer I used the back of the brush for eyes/nose & pre-sketched the antlers/year.  When painting all of the details, it helps to push the brush down slightly on your plate & spin for a fine tip. 


Tips & Tricks:

When Cooper was younger it was all about foot prints, he would love squeezing paint in his hands so much I could never get him to do a hand print!  So if you have younger kiddos, plopping them in a high chair, giving them a snack & painting/pressing their tootsies is perfect.  If you hold the pillow on top of a large book or clipboard it will give you that solid tabletop you need.  HERE are a few examples on Pinterest for how to turn baby feet into the cutest reindeer faces you've ever seen, & for the tree do toes down + add a few extra prints to get that same size seen here.

We didn't need to in this case, but if you have a youngster who is heavy on the paint, add a square of wax paper inside your pillow before beginning- this will prevent paint from soaking through to the other side.

I 100% admit to touching up the outline of all three reindeer hand prints with the small brush.  It is SUPER RARE to get a perfect hand print, so if yours isn't, don't panic.


Thank you all so much for stopping by today, we couldn't be more excited to start this Sunday DIY series, especially around the holidays when there's so much inspiration in the air & fun projects to create!  Stay tuned, next up is a sweet centerpiece that will light your table up all December.  And follow us on Facebook to see when that next post goes live + tag @paintedbytheshore on Instagram while you're DIYing, we'd love to see your project!!  xx - Kristina

P.S. Check out our holiday DIY in a BOXes for festive all-ages kits that include EVERYTHING you need, delivered right to your door!

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