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DIY in a BOX: Chalkboard Ornament Set

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Thank you so much for bringing our Chalkboard Ornament Set DIY in a BOX kit into your home!  (Don't have your kit yet?? Click HERE to order.) 

We're super excited about our new Collection, & to be crafting with everybody this fall/holiday season.  Don't forget to join our Private DIY in a BOX Group on Facebook (click HERE to request access) & tag @paintedbytheshore with all your DIY photos on Instagram!

We suggest reading this full post before beginning (including the section about mistakes & tips/tricks at the bottom):

  This chalkboard set of ornaments is super fun to create/decorate with, & the first step with all four is to paint the background color.  With the natural wood edge it helps to pick & follow a tree ring line about 1/4" in from the edge as you're not creating a perfectly symmetrical shape.  Then fill in.  Start with the ornament you'll be using for the snowy hill scene (so it dries first), the order of the other three doesn't matter.

For the snow scene start with the hills (no snowflakes yet).  To get that two hill effect, I did the one on the right first, followed by the left which creates a natural outline in the middle.  Note that depending on if you want more of a chalkboard look verses solid snow you can opt to do two coats here.

Next is the red present- for this I did a rectangle (leaving room for that green square box on top), but this ornament is one to get crafty with if you want a pile of gifts or one large one!

For the tree/branch designs it's helpful to put a light sketch down first in chalk or pencil (not included), & that looks like this-

After that go over your lines, & in the case of the tree add lines in between for that fluffy effect.  If you have chalk lines left after painting wipe them off after the ornaments are done/completely dry.

Next, add that green square to the present pile.  Then create your tree in the snow scene, using the same process as with the tree above.

The final steps are really what makes this project come together!  Starting with your ornament ribbon, & here are a few examples of lines you can do there-

To get that lightly frosted look on the trees I start at the end of each branch & dot my way upward, occasionally skipping one branch & working from top to bottom.  Repeat on both trees + the ornament that solely has one branch.  Also note with that last one- I use the snowflakes to create definition between the leaves, so when you're adding those dots keep in mind that you can use them as a subtle separation line.

The technique for adding snowflakes/ornaments/berries/present polka dots is the same- dip the back of your brush in paint & dot your ornament.


Mistakes: If you make a mistake on the wood, let it dry & go over.  It's easier to give it a few minutes then go over the paint while wet which leads to mixing.  If there is a raised bit of paint on your piece dot it with a towel while it's wet so when you do a coat over it it'll lay flat.

Tips & Tricks: When you need a fine point it helps to push your brush down on a paper plate while spinning it & then paint.  Before beginning the detail work, & after the background layer is completely dry, add your twine.  The reason we do this now is because with every ornament being natural wood you'll want to make sure you see how it hangs to get a straight angle while painting.

Final note: We're here for any & all questions!  Email or post in our DIY in a BOX Facebook Group. - Kristina

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