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DIY in a BOX | Hanging Mason Jar With Flowers

Posted by Ashley Eisenhauer on

We're so excited to have you join us in crafting our Hanging Mason Jar with Flowers Project!  If you don't have your DIY in a BOX kit yet, click HERE to order yours today!  Also, if you have any questions at all while painting your sign, click HERE to contact us.

Our favorite part about this project is its timeless design. Plus we think a mason jar project is always in season! Follow our simple steps below to complete your Hanging Mason Jar just like ours. 








The first step will be to paint your jar. We kept the paint thin by first wetting the brush to allow some intentional streaks in the paint. This can give your jar a little more character. If you don't like that, you can paint one or two coats of white paint, and perhaps use a piece of sand paper on the high points of the jar to make the words and ridges more visible.  


After you have finished painting the jar, we will use this time to let the jar dry while we build the board and hook. It's time to break out those muscles! You will now screw the hook into the board. This is easiest if you put the board flat on a table and you stand over the top of it to get some leverage. We placed the hook about a half inch from the top of the board. 

Next we wrapped the ribbon around the neck of the jar and tied a bow, this might take a few tries. Bows can always be a little tricky but don't give up! Also, if the ends of the ribbon are uneven, grab a pair of sharp scissors to trim the pieces as needed. Take the second piece of ribbon and loop it under the first to make a loop on the back of the jar for the hook. We tied the knot short enough to leave roughly one inch of wood visible under the bottom of the jar. 

Your hanging jar is now ready for you to add flowers! Use artificial or real ones! We love to bring in seasonal wild flowers from the yard.We do recommend that you hang your project indoors, or at least under a covered porch.  Thank you so much for purchasing your Hanging Mason Jar with Flowers Project! Enjoy!! 


P.S. Don't forget to tag @paintedbytheshore on instagram to share your progress & completed projects!  Every Monday we'll choose 1 person who tagged us to be our "winner of the week", & they'll get an awesome prize sent to them!

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