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DIY in a BOX: Posie Coasters + Serving Tray

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Our Posie DIY in a BOXes have such similar florals/greenery that we wanted to do a combined tutorial for the two!!  Reading through this entire post before going step-by-step will help you even more by making sure you know all the painting tricks before beginning.  Don't have your BOX yet?  Click HERE to order your kit(s) today.

A couple things to keep in mind when reading this- with the serving tray you'll want to use the larger size 12 flat brush for those big circular flowers to save time. Also the technique for the tray's yellow flowers is the same as demonstrated with the coaster's pink flowers below- just with a different base color.  Also note the four pack of paint pots comes with the coaster set and the five pack accompanies the tray.

When it comes to Posies I like to start with the actual flower and then paint the leaf around it. So beginning with that pink color we're going to fill in all of the blooms on the coasters, or a select few on the tray. If you're a big fan of pink or yellow this is where you can get creative with your tray and do all one color, all the other or a combination like you see here.

When working with the pink or yellow swirls I like to take a bit of paint and put it on the paper plate for mixing, just so you have that reserve of clean colors in the paint pots. It also helps to do the swirls as soon as you finish filling in the flower circle, while the paint is still a bit wet.  Note that you may need to go over part of the white with a second coat just to make sure it pops or add a bit of color between the white lines if they come too close together.

For the swirls on the tray you can follow the white markings and for the coaster the gray stamp should show through that first coat of pink. If you make a mistake that you'd like to cover, all you need to do with either the tray or coasters is let it dry for about 10 minutes & start over with a layer of the original flower color on top of what you painted initially, then the white again. 

With the coasters we like to paint the stems & leaves before the actual mason jar outline, so that you can go over rather than around the stems and give it a better three-dimensional effect. With the exception of the single Posie coaster below & branches on the tray, all of the leaves are the same mostly dark green paint with a hint of olive.  Dip your brush in both shades each time you need more paint to get the two tone effect you see here. 

One thing I find helpful, especially with the stems & mason jar outline, is to push your brush down and spin with paint on it to give it a nice fine tip for your detail work. The mason jar is painted in a solid olive green.

The last leaf bunch on coasters & the branches on the tray are a combination of olive green and white.

If you make a mistake at any point throughout this project, again let the paint dry for 10 minutes & you should be able to go right over it; or if you accidentally flick a little paint off your brush don't worry, often enlarging a leaf to cover a random dot does the trick or after your paint dries strategically penciling an initial and then painting over it can work as well.

Thanks so much for joining us to create our Posie DIY in a BOXes! 

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