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DIY in a BOX: Santa Belt Ornament Set

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Thank you so much for bringing our Santa Belt DIY in a BOX kit into your home!  (Don't have your kit yet?? Click HERE to order.) 

We're super excited about our new Collection, & to be crafting with everybody this fall/holiday season.  Don't forget to join our Private DIY in a BOX Group on Facebook (click HERE to request access) & tag @paintedbytheshore with all your DIY photos on Instagram!

We suggest reading this full post before beginning (including the section about mistakes & tips/tricks at the bottom):

This post is unique in that we're combining a few of our tutorials to create it.  That said, click HERE to view our step-by-step to paint the buffalo plaid ornament & then click HERE to create both Santa belt pieces.  And see below for our snowflake:

The first step with the snowflake is to paint the background black.  We find it helps with our wood slice ornaments to pick a tree ring that's about 1/4" from the bark & follow it to get a natural line that matches the shape of the slice.  First the outline, then fill in.

 After the black dries completely, add the twine.  Then hold your ornament up.  With our natural reclaimed wood pieces it helps to see how they hang as some are off center, & by checking first you can see how you'd like to position your snowflake.

I find it helpful to draw the snowflake on lightly before painting it, either in chalk or pencil (not included).  This way you can wipe off/erase or paint over your lines to re-position.  Once you have design you love, go over it with the white &/or silver paint.  See tips below for ways to prevent feathering brushstrokes + how keep fine lines with those details.


Mistakes: If you make a mistake on the wood, let it dry & go over.  It's easier to give it a few minutes then go over the paint while wet which leads to mixing.  If there is a raised bit of paint on your piece dot it with a towel while it's wet so when you do a coat over it it'll lay flat.

Tips & Tricks: If you notice the edges of your strokes feathering out, take your brush & go the opposite way to get a clean edge. When you need a fine point on your brush, it helps to push down slightly on a paper plate while spinning & then go back to painting.

Final note: We're here for any & all questions!  Email or post in our DIY in a BOX Facebook Group. - Kristina

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