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DIY in a BOX | Snowman Pallet Sign

Posted by Ashley Eisenhauer on

This Snowman Pallet Sign is great to display all winter long. Put him on display before the holidays and leave him up for months to come. But don't look at him too long, his shivering vibe might give you the chills! Follow our steps below to make the same wiggly grin or give him your own happy smile. 




1. Paint the bottom 2/3 of the sign white & top 1/3 charcoal. Set aside the pallet to dry. While drying, paint that additional 12" x 4" board charcoal.
2. Use wood glue we provided to attach the pallet and the charcoal board. We glued his "hat brim" crooked on-purpose to give this snowman some personality.  
3. Tie the "scarf" in a double knot making one end a little bit longer than the other. Take the longer hanging piece & wrapped it over the knot, twisting behind the knot so you can see the pattern from the front. This is just to give a cleaner look and hide the knot. After the scarf is knotted and placed about one third of the way up the sign, you can add some glue between the ribbon and pallet along the back of the pallet to keep the ribbon in place.  
4. For your snowman's face, we painted two crooked black ovals as eyes. Making them crooked and slightly different in shape will give him a whimsical vibe just like Frosty and you don't have to stress about making them the exactly the same. Add two thin lines as eyebrows and a squiggly line as a smile. Use just the tip of the paint brush in order to keep the lines thin and do your best not to glob on the paint. 
5. For your snowman's nose, start with a skinny triangle, rounding the base and fill in with solid orange. You can mix the orange and a TINY bit of black to make additional shades of orange. Use the shades of orange to give the carrot nose some highlights.
6. Give your snowman some tiny details by cleaning the brush and add whites to his eyes, and some white dashes to the carrot giving it a choppy look. 

Special Note: Sign is intended for indoor use. 

P.S. Don't forget to tag @paintedbytheshore on Instagram to share your progress & completed projects!  Every Monday we'll choose 1 person who tagged us to be our "winner of the week", & they'll get an awesome prize sent to them!

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