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DIY in a BOX: Bouquet Coasters + Serving Tray

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Our Bouquet DIY in a BOXes have such similar florals/greenery that we wanted to do a combined tutorial for the two!!  Reading through this entire post before going step-by-step will help you even more by making sure you know all the painting tricks before beginning.  Don't have your BOX yet?  Click HERE to order your kit(s) today.

These sets are all about color mixing & the first thing to remember when doing that is to always take a bit of paint out of the paint pot & put it on the plate to combine rather than mixing right in the pot.  This way you'll always have a clean batch of paint on standby.

To start we're going to work on the pink posies & these are each a combination of pink/white.  Scoop a bit out & put it on the plate with the larger brush in your kit (#6), then dip that brush once in each color to start the outline.  From there work your way in with the same round scalloped brush strokes as on the edge, alternately dipping in white or pink.  Note that with the tray you'll want to use the flat brush that came in your kit to save a bit of time with those larger blooms.

If you're a big fan of pink or yellow this is where you can get creative with your tray/coasters and do all one color, all the other or a combination like you see here.  

If you notice the paint starting to blend too much & you can't see both shades, stop, clean your brush, let the coaster or serving tray dry for a few minutes & start over this time using more one color than the other to really bring out the petal look.  You may also need to do two coats with the pink to cover up the stamp or white sketch, depending on how thick that first layer is.

After that first flower I like to scatter pink blooms across the other flowers/coaster designs, all using the same technique.  Let the pink color dry for a few minutes & repeat with a yellow/white combination on the other flowers.

To get those perfect circles in the middle of each flower I dipped the back of either brush size in gold & lightly dotted.

Next up is the soft green leaves.  Use the smaller round size #3 brush for the stem & the round #6 for the leaves, also note this is the only leaf type on the tray.  Dip once in white & once in the olive green on your plate.  For the stem push the brush down on the plate & spin to get a fine tip for those lines.  Then for the leaves start with an outline- up on the left side & down on the right to get a clean leaf point, then fill in with additional line(s) as needed, dipping once in each color with every brush stroke.

Repeat the steps for both leaf bunches on the coaster bouquets plus a leaf or two on the coaster flower bunches (see below).

Each flower stem on both the tray & coasters is a mix of the olive & dark green, with the small #3 brush dip once in each, again spinning on your plate for a fine brush tip, then work your way up to get a clean stem bottom & down for the half above the ribbon/below the flower.

Fill in the remaining coaster leaves with the olive/dark green in the same technique as the earlier white/olive green leaves.

For the ribbon we filled the entire bow in with gold & then added a few brush strokes (see arrows below) with yellow to bring out that tied ribbon look- this technique applies to both projects & adds the perfect final touch! 

Thanks so much for joining us to create our Bouquet DIY in a BOXes! 

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