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DIY in a BOX | Summer Home Camper Sign

Posted by Kristina Lough on

We're so excited to have you join us in crafting our "Summer Home" Camper Sign Project!  If you don't have your DIY in a BOX kit yet, click HERE to order yours today!  Also, if you have any questions at all while painting your sign, click HERE to contact us.

One thing we love about this sign is that the camper is a full inlay, meaning it's okay not to paint perfectly when working on the interior of those lines.  To start I painted white on the left side, using the tape included in the kit to get a straight edge, then let that dry & used the remainder of the tape to get the same straight edge for the teal.  One thing to note is that I did a second coat on each, without tape, focusing on the areas where the stain was showing through.

Next I painted the inlay lines with gold.  Originally I did the door handle in gold as well, but then swapped that out for white after seeing it with the rest of the design.


Okay so now we get to dive into the super fun details, & with this plus any of the above please feel free to mix up the color or design to suit you & your space!  On the bottom I initially made the hubcap teal, but then later changed to navy so it would match the door/pattern.  After that I mirrored the body color on those raised bumper strips at the bottom of the camper.

The final camper step is to add the chevron pattern, a gold strip (that I did after the chevron dried) to separate the camper colors + paint the door/hubcap navy.  For the pattern I started with a full row going diagonally up, then the next row down & so forth.  These lines do not need to perfectly line up.  If you want another option take the back of your paint brush, dip it in paint & polka dot the white area, or do a half circle that goes up to the gold lines & fill it in with an alternate color!

If you opted to order the wood cutout words/glue in your kit, in our example above I glued both right now & did not paint them, but that's not to say you can't.  These are super fun to coat in any color, with the exception of navy which may be harder to see with the dark walnut stain.  We suggest painting the cutouts, & letting them dry fully, prior to attaching.

Special Note: This sign should be kept indoors when not in use, or if you'd like to weatherproof it click HERE for tips.

P.S. Don't forget to tag @paintedbytheshore on instagram to share your progress & completed projects!  Every Monday we'll choose 1 person who tagged us to be our "winner of the week", & they'll get an awesome prize sent to them!

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