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DIY in a BOX | Thumbprint Insect Planters

Posted by Kristina Lough on

 We're so excited to have you all join us in crafting this pollinating insect inspired project!  This kit is an awesome collaboration with Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo, & if you don't have your DIY in a BOX yet, click HERE for information on visiting the Zoo to grab yours today!  Also, if you have any questions at all while painting your planter, click HERE to contact us.

With these kits, in addition to the colors seen below, we also included light green to give you the option to paint an additional color on the base/rim, or if you'd like to add a few lines to the bottom of the pot to create grass that's a fun option as well!  If you plan to paint the base, doing that while all of your insects are on step 2, is a great way to allow time for them to dry before adding on the details.  If you're painting the rim of your pot, do that as the final step so you'll be able to hold onto the pot while working on the insects.

Step 1 (both insects), dip your thumb in paint & dot to create the body & then in Step 2 (again, both insects) do the same with your pinkie finger to create the ladybug head &/or bumblebee wings.  With the wings you have the option of one on each side of the bee (seen below), or both on the same side (seen at left).  After Step 2 it helps to give the bugs a few minutes to dry before adding stripes/dots.

Once that first coat dries take the small round brush & add the stripes to the bee & line/dots to the ladybug.  Then for each insect add a dotted line behind it to illustrate movement around the pot.

 After painting your planter, let it dry fully, then plant your Marigold seeds.  Sow seeds with a thin layer of soil (about 1/8 inch deep) on top. Water thoroughly & place (indoors) in direct sunlight. Thin after seedlings have sprouted.  

Special Notes: Though the paint included in each kit is waterproof, this planter should be kept indoors.

P.S. Don't forget to tag @paintedbytheshore on instagram to share your progress & completed projects!  Every Monday we'll choose 1 person who tagged us to be our "winner of the week", & they'll get an awesome prize sent to them!

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