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DIY in a BOX: Winter Ornament Set

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Thank you so much for bringing our Winter Ornament Set DIY in a BOX kit into your home!  (Don't have your kit yet?? Click HERE to order.) 

We're super excited about our new Collection, & to be crafting with everybody this fall/holiday season.  Don't forget to join our Private DIY in a BOX Group on Facebook (click HERE to request access) & tag @paintedbytheshore with all your DIY photos on Instagram!

We suggest reading this full post before beginning (including the section about mistakes & tips/tricks at the bottom):


This Winter set of ornaments is a personal favorite!  The first step is to paint the background color on each ornament.  To start, take a dot of black & mix it into one of the white paint pots to get that snowy charcoal gray color.  Add a dot at a time, it's better to slowly reach your perfect shade then to start too dark & have to work to reverse it. 

To create the background outline, start 1/4" in from the edge of your piece to get that rustic wood border.  It also helps to follow the tree rings, as you're not creating a perfectly symmetrical shape.  Then fill in.  Start with the ornament you'll be using for the penguin scene (gray), snowflakes (gray), then the polar bear face (white) & click HERE to follow our step-by-step white plaid ornament instructions.

Your ornaments won't take long to dry, & the first one you paint the background on may even be ready for additional layers by the time you finish the base coats.  That's why we painted the penguin first- he has the most steps that need to dry in between!

For the penguin start with the snowy hills.  To get that two hill effect, I did the one on the right first, followed by the left to create a natural outline in the middle.  If you have a really dark gray as the background color you may need to do two coats of white here.

Next up is the polar bear.  This is a perfect example of when spinning your brush on the plate (see tip & tricks at the bottom) is a good idea- you're going to create what looks like a small arched door right in the middle of your ornament (start small, then make bigger as needed), then set that aside & let dry.

From there we're going to do the first layer on our penguin, & please feel free to get crafty with this step!  If you want a pair of penguins holding flippers or a little family just repeat this sequence varying the penguin size.  We just suggest if you're planning to do more than one penguin, plan out spacing beforehand.  The first step is a vertical oval & fill in, next are two little lines to the right & left for the flippers, then let dry (no white belly yet!).

I love painting snowflakes, there are so many ways to do them & each is unique no matter how you paint it.  Here is a step by step of the three I did here & for the dots I dipped the tip of the back of my brush in paint & dotted to get perfect circles.  With this version I also added a few random dots to create a flurry effect!

For the polar bear details- he eyes are done with the back of the brush dipped in paint, same as the snowflakes, & here is the nose:

Next up is our penguin's belly, once the black paint is dry, add a smaller oval inside the bigger one to get his tuxedo appearance, then let dry. 

The final steps on the penguin are snowflakes on top (silver dot with the back of the paintbrush).  Eyes, black dot with back of the brush, & nose (orange) in a diamond shape.

Mistakes: If you make a mistake on the wood, let it dry & go over.  It's easier to give it a few minutes then go over the paint while wet which leads to mixing.  If there is a raised bit of paint on your piece dot it with a towel while it's wet so when you do a coat over it it'll lay flat.

Tips & Tricks: When you need a fine point it helps to push your brush down on a paper plate while spinning it & then paint.  Before beginning the detail work, & after the background layer is completely dry, add your twine.  The reason we do this now is because with every ornament, but the snowflakes, you'll want to hold it up by the twine every so often to make sure you're getting a straight angle to paint.

With the snowflakes, if you notice the ends feathering out, dip your brush again & do a stroke in the opposite direction (see below).

Nervous about positioning everything on your ornaments?  You can lightly use white chalk or pencil (not included) on the background color to sketch designs first.  Or practicing on a piece of paper before painting is also amazing- that's how I created the first sample of these.

Final note: We're here for any & all questions!  Email or post in our DIY in a BOX Facebook Group. - Kristina

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