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The WTNH Interview

Posted by Jenna Tiezzi on

This Mother's Day is definitely going down on my list of favorites EVER.  

Getting up around 5 AM is the norm for me.  I try to squeeze a bit of work in wherever I can throughout the day.  But outside the norm is meeting my PR person & heading down to WTNH in New Haven for a LIVE chat & demonstration on air.

As a somewhat shy person I was intimidated of this entire process, practicing what we'd be painting for hours, going over potential questions in my head & wondering if I'd make it through the 5 minutes without a stomachache.

But fortunately nerves disappeared as soon as I walked in the station.  Everyone was so sweet & friendly that there was no room for them!  And I had the most fun you could imagine.  We're super excited to share the clip & (shhhh...) head back next month for a second NAUTICAL project & interview :)

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