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My Design Process

Posted by Kristina Lough on

When I design for one of our creative classes the first thing I ask myself is whether or not the piece would be a welcome addition to my own home, or work as a sweet gift for a loved one.

If the answer is yes, I move on to how the design can be taught- breaking it down into shapes & lines, sometimes even doing a light sketch to guide guests on our wooden pieces.

And lastly I question whether the project is exciting.  We are blessed with so many people who come to our classes on a monthly basis, I like to make sure everyone gets something fun & unique to bring home.

If a project passes the three tests it hits our schedule, like this vintage inspired serving tray that's getting photographed later this week for a No Worries Brewing Co event on 05.20.18.

And we always LOVE to hear what you guys would like to create! Comment below with your dream DIY project, if we choose yours you may get a free ticket to create it at an upcoming event!!

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