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DIY in a BOX | Fall 2020 Collection | Wall Mounted Air Plant

Posted by Ashley Eisenhauer on

We're so excited to have you join us in crafting our new Wall Mounted Air Plant Project!  If you don't have your DIY in a BOX kit yet, click HERE to order yours today.  Also, if you have any questions at all while painting your pieces, click HERE to contact us!





This project gives you are a lot of creative options. The first being the options of mixing your own colors. We have provided 3 colors to use as a base. In our example we have made three additional colors that are lighter shades of what was provided. If you are not sure where to begin with the design and layout of the block, grab a pen and paper and sketch it out. You can even plan what colors you would like where. 


The first step in completing this project is laying out your design. Using the tape you can make the same design as us of create your own. Remember there is no right your wrong way to make the design, enjoy yourself and get creative. You can keep the lines thin like ours of even make the lines wider by layering the tape. Firmly press down all the tape edges and prepare to paint. 

If your going to use the blue, orange and white as they were sent to you, paint those sections in first, then you can use the remaining amount of paint to mix. Paint in the remaining sections with the new colors you made. Allow time to dry before removing the paint and revealing the design. 

Place brass plumbing fixtures in the desired position on the block, and use a screw driver to attach them to the block with the included screws. Tuck the plants into the fixtures and Ta-Da! Your Air Plant Holder is complete! 

Special Note: Lightly mist the plants with a spray bottle 2-3 times per week, & keep an eye on them to adjust watering as needed (can fluctuate due to humidity in your home).  Note that if you are using tap water to mist your plant, it should be left out for at least 4 hours before using, to allow the chlorine in the water to evaporate (we leave water in the bottle until it runs out, then fill & let sit again).  When your air plant blooms, be careful not to mist the actual flower, as the blooms prefer to be kept dry.  Keep your air plant in an area with moderate indirect sunlight or artificial home/office lighting, & no closer than 6" to interior lighting.  Air plants prefer temperatures ranging from 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Please don't hesitate to message us with any questions/concerns regarding care of your air plant!

P.S. Don't forget to tag @paintedbytheshore on Instagram to share your progress & completed projects!  Every Monday we'll choose 1 person who tagged us to be our "winner of the week", & they'll get an awesome prize sent to them!

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