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Solar System Mobile

Posted by Ashley Eisenhauer on

Our Solar System Mobile is a terrific way to have a conversation with your kids about outer-space! Get their creativity flowing by allowing them to use and mix all the colors we have provided to create bold and bright planets and stars.  












Lay out your wood cut outs on parchment paper. Paint one side of your cutouts. By the time you have finished painting all 6 pieces you may be able to flip them over to paint the other. If not, this is a great time to get outside and search for your two sticks needed to build your mobile. 

Search for two sticks that are roughly 8 inches long.  These will be used as the frame for the mobile. Once the sticks have been collected it should be time to paint the other side of your wood cut outs.  

**For this next step you will need need scissors.

While the cut outs dry, using string provided to tie the two sticks together in a X formation. To create the knots I wrapped & knotted, then repeated a couple times switching angles. Then to get the hanging piece I added a second cut of string & knotted that. Reference the images below. 















It's almost time to construct! You might not be able to see the pre-drilled holes due to mounds of paint. Some of our little painters love to really load on all those different colors. Use a tooth pick to poke through the paint. Then tread the string through the wood cutout and knot. Give the piece a few inches to hang and then knot again around the stick and cut off any excess. 

In order to balance out your mobile, you will need to hang two of the stars opposite one another and the space and planet on opposite ends as well. Hang the big sun from the center and use the third star to balance out any inconsistencies you might be experiencing due to the different weights of the sticks and wood cutouts.  

We hope your enjoyed all the projects of our first Summer Camp Kit! Remember to share your pics and tag us online! 

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