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DIY in a BOX: Stocking Ornament

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Thank you so much for bringing our Stocking DIY in a BOX kit into your home!  (Don't have your kit yet?? Click HERE to order.) 

We're super excited about our new Collection, & to be crafting with everybody this fall/holiday season.  Don't forget to join our Private DIY in a BOX Group on Facebook (click HERE to request access) & tag @paintedbytheshore with all your DIY photos on Instagram!

We suggest reading this full post before beginning (including the section about mistakes & tips/tricks at the bottom):

With our stocking ornament it's more about starting by filling in the outline, & then choosing whether to add a pattern, initial, or year to the back.  That second step is what will make this ornament your own.

So that said this post is a little unique in that it doesn't go step-by-step, but the intention is rather to give you a few options to consider, & if you're going back and forth with that decision, our Private DIY in a BOX Group on Facebook (click HERE to request access) is an awesome place to get feedback.

One thing to remember with this project is that you want to start the outline of each stocking section by pushing your brush down on the plate and spinning it.  The idea is this will give you a nice brush tip so you can do some awesome edge-work.

One other thing to remember is you may end up wanting to do two or three coats of paint for that background stocking color,.  For example, if you're doing white on the top of the stamp you're going to see a bit of that ink show through with the first layer. If you like the outline definitely keep that, but if not it took me 2-3 coats to create the finished sample you see here.


Here are a few different color combinations to consider for your stocking. And I did these on paper so that I could see which one is my favorite before painting on the ornament. 

The first pattern option we choose is polka dots, & one awesome thing about this is you can just take the back of your brush, dip it in the paint color of your choice & dot the portion of the stocking that you'd like to add the dots to.

The second idea is traditional sock color blocking.

And the third was my initial.  One thing with the color blocking and initial, that you can do if you're unsure about free-handing, is grab a pencil or chalk and sketch it out lightly beforehand.

Mistakes: If you make a mistake on the wood, let it dry & go over.  It's easier to give it a few minutes then go over the paint while wet which leads to mixing.  If there is a raised bit of paint on your piece dot it with a towel while it's wet so when you do a coat over it it'll lay flat.

Final note: We're here for any & all questions!  Email or post in our DIY in a BOX Facebook Group. - Kristina

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