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Sunday DIY #2 | 20 Gifts for $25: Holiday Chex Mix

Posted by Kristina Lough on

Crafty Sunday #2 is a bit late this week!  This season has us filling our days with local workshops, DIY in a BOX orders & holiday cheer- what can we say!  Holiday Chex Mix has been a favorite mini gift of mine for years, it's the PERFECT thing to give to all your loved ones & Santa's helpers (i.e. mailman, teachers, co-workers). 

This year Cooper (our 3 year old) & I made a batch of 20+ (I doubled the recipe for 36, 3 cases of 12 jars, + some extra for Cooper to munch on!) to gift to family on Christmas Eve + extras for all the fantastic people outside of our crew that help us on the daily, & a few for those amazing women who teach our son at preschool.  



20 - 8 oz. Mason Jars (I used Kerr, found HERE)
1 Box Cinnamon Chex
1 Box Vanilla Chex
1 lb Red, Green & White Gumdrop Mix
Festive Sprinkles (We found these amazing little trees in the bakery department of our local grocer!) 


1. There's a reason why this is such an awesome recipe to make with the kiddos.  It's simple, fun, doesn't require heat & is delicious from the get-go.  Step 1 is to put everything, but the sprinkles, into a giant bowl & mix.

2. Use a 1 cup measuring cup to fill the jars with the mix, & once full add the sprinkles around the edge of the inside of the jar, so they can be seen from the outside.

And that's it!  Easiest treat recipe ever + you'll win at mini gifting every time.  PLUS if you put this in a bowl, & bring it with your loved ones to one of our workshops this season you'll have the perfect accompaniment to your night out crafting.

Thank you all so much for stopping by today! Follow us on Facebook to see when that next Crafty Sunday post goes live + tag @paintedbytheshore on Instagram while you're DIYing at home!!  xx - Kristina

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