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Sunday DIY #3 | Bringing your Painted by the Shore Pallet Outdoors

Posted by Kristina Lough on

I've been so excited to share Crafty Sunday #3.  This is our FIRST DIY we've put together that can be done in conjunction with workshops, as an optional add-on.  And while it's our signature "let it snow" + pallet tree designs that are pictured, the same technique can be applied to any of our pallet pieces throughout the year.

The other awesome thing about the coating we settled on, after testing a few options, is that it really brings out the color of the pallet, darkening it just enough that everything becomes super vibrant- which in this case is perfect for a Winter display.



1 - Can of Varathane Ultimate Spar Urethane Exterior Spray (I used semi-gloss, but matte & gloss are also available, CLICK HERE to find either type at your local Home Depot, or  CLICK HERE to order your spray on Amazon.)

1 - Ground Cover (I used a $1 disposable tablecloth, can be found at most local grocers.)


1. Do NOT do this project indoors.  I spread the disposable tablecloth out on our driveway, but a grassy area works as well.  Also, while keeping our instructions in mind please also read the label on your spray can in full to also use as reference.

2. If coating one of our pallet signs, remove the rope prior to beginning, then spray 1 coat on the front/sides of your pallet & let dry overnight.  Long light strokes, about a foot from the wood are perfect.  Do not coat too heavily.

3. Let dry overnight, then coat the back/sides in a single layer as well.  Especially in the Winter, I didn't want snow sitting behind our display & causing moisture to get into the wood.

4. And repeat, 2 more times. 

I did 3 coats to get the blue you see below.  And while the actual time invested to weatherproof your pallet is no more than 20 minutes total over the course of a few days, it does require a good amount of drying time in between.  So I purposely checked the forecast to see when we would have a streak of sunny days, & then when the weather turned at one point I moved our pallets to dry overnight in our sun porch, which is sealed off from our living area.

Because it's winter we were fortunate to not have a lot of natural things (i.e. pollen, leaves) floating around in the air.  Should you be coating your pallet in another season, we would suggest letting it dry in an external area, such as a shed or garage, so nothing sticks to the coating.

And that's it!  Easiest post-class DIY ever + you'll be able to enjoy your pallet outside this season & in others to come.

Thank you all so much for stopping by today! Follow us on Facebook to see when that next Crafty Sunday post goes live + tag @paintedbytheshore on Instagram while you're DIYing at home!!  xx - Kristina

P.S. In Rhode Island & want to create your own "let it snow" pallet with us?? CLICK HERE to RSVP & join our team at Smug Brewing Co. in Pawtucket on 1/31/20.

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