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Laura's Private Virtual Art Workshop | Yardzee Backyard Game | 6.12.20 @ 7 PM


Please note this signup page is solely for guests invited by Laura to join us!  Interested in joining one of our public workshops? Click HERE to view our current schedule & thank you.

We're so excited to gather with you all virtually this June!!  No need to shop for anything; we’ve done that for you and put it all right into each kit.  All you need is a flat surface covered in newspaper, a bit of wax paper to dry the wood on, paper plates & cup of water to create your set! 

I placed my order, what's next?

1. We'll ship your kit out in a few days to arrive a few days before your event, or see below for pickup time options.

2. Gather with us virtually from home for a live workshop via Zoom (we'll send you a clickable invitation on 6/12/20)!

Kit Includes:

- 5 - 3.5" Unfinished Handmade Wooden Dice
- 8 Paint Brushes
- Paint Pots (in an array of colors for you to choose your own design)
- Weatherproof Coating
- Yardzee Dry Erase Score Card
- Dry Erase Marker
- Painted by the Shore Game Storage Bag
- An Invitation, via email, to join our LIVE Virtual Workshop, to be sent out the day of the event (6/12/20).

How do your Virtual Workshops work?

Similar to our public events, our virtual workshop will allow us to demonstrate each step-by-step, work with you if you get held up, interact with everyone in the group, & share finished pieces with the "room".  The main difference? You're doing it all from the comfort of your home.  


I want to pickup my order, what's next?

We'll have kits ready for pickup on/after 12pm on 6/9/20.  Curbside pickup will be available in Branford, CT at Kristina's (our owner's) family shop, Indian Neck Liquor.  Store hours are Monday through Saturday 12-6pm & Sunday 12-5pm.  Click HERE for shop info.  Coincidentally this is where Painted by the Shore got it's start as a hand painted business 7 years ago, back in 2013! 


To join this workshop, your order must be placed by 12 pm EST on 6/5/20, to allow time for shipping/local drop-off.  Orders ship via USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail, depending on package weight.  All orders ship FREE.

Additional questions? Email or click HERE to contact us!