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DIY in a BOX | Sweet Summertime Sign

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We're so excited to share our FIRST sign craft kit of Summer 2022!  This design was 100% inspired by wanting to brighten up our mantles & studios for May-August + give ourselves a daily reminder to savor these warm months filled with fun & (of course) yummy foods like watermelon.  Text your favorite people to schedule a sweet night at home, tap above to order your kits, & DIY your own gathering this season!

Painted by the Shore DIY in a BOX kits can be crafted at your leisure in a few steps by referencing the pdf instructions that we'll send right to your inbox after ordering, plus we're here for any additional questions you may have!  

Each kit includes the following:

- 15" x 5.5" Framed Sign (hanging hardware attached)
- "Sweet S  mmertime" Letter/Word Cutouts
- Wooden Watermelon Cutout 
- Paint Brushes, Paint & Glue
- Step-by-Step Instructions

What you'll need from home:

- A flat covered surface.
- Cup of Water
- Paper Plate


Shipping your DIY directly to someone as a gift?  Include a note under "special instructions for seller" & we're happy to add it to the box when mailing!  All of our orders ship in 7-10 business days, via UPS or USPS.  Shipping is FREE with home craft purchases of $75 or more.  Additional questions? Click HERE to contact our team!