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DIY in a BOX | Nautical Lobster Pillow


Thank you all for the requests to turn our Lobster Pillow project into a DIY in a BOX! We're so excited to share this design locally + with everyone around the country who loves the shoreline as much as we do.

Our DIY in a BOXes can be crafted at your leisure in a few steps by referencing the video we'll send right to your inbox, plus we're here for any additional questions you may have!  

Each kit includes the following:

12" x 12" Canvas Pillowcase + Insert
- Paint Brushes & Paint Pots
- Step-by-Step Instructions

What you'll need from home:

- A flat covered surface.
- Piece of wax paper (to leave in pillow while painting).
- Cup of water for brush rinsing & (optional) paper plate.


Shipping your DIY directly to someone as a gift?  Include a note under "special instructions for seller" & we're happy to add it to the box when mailing!

Additional questions? Email or click HERE to contact our team!