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DIY Party BOX: Crafting for Groups of 3+ | Nautical Buoy Set


Meet our DIY in a BOX Party BOX!  A super fun way to craft at home with your loved ones, or create handmade gifts for friends to celebrate the season.  Looking for a single buoy set? Click HERE to shop 1-4 kits, instead of buying in bulk.

Rather than a scheduled workshop date to complete your project with an instructor, as with our online art workshops, this set of 3 buoys can be crafted in a few steps by referencing our blog.  Plus we're here for any additional questions!

No need to shop for anything; we’ve done that for you and put it all right into each kit.  All you need is a flat surface, paper plate & cup of water to create your set of 3 coastal buoys!

I have my kit, what's next?

1. Click HERE to visit our Blog where you'll find tips & general instructions to create your set. 
Get to painting! We love this time of year because you can head out onto the patio with your supplies & enjoy a night "out" in your own backyard.
3. Share your painting progress, & pictures of this sign on display with us!  Every Monday we'll randomly choose 1 person who tags @paintedbytheshore on Instagram to be our "winner of the week" & they'll get an awesome prize emailed or mailed to them!

Each Kit Includes:

- 2 Paint Brushes & Paint Pots
- 3 - 4" Wooden Buoys with Twine

Each Additional "Party BOX" Insert Includes:

- 1-2 Plastic Tablecloths (1 for 5-6 Painters, 2 for 7-10)
- Paper Towels, Paper Plates & Cup(s)
- Disposable Aprons
- A surprise thank you gift for gathering your crew & supporting our business!

I want to pick-up my order rather than ship, what are my options?

Currently we offer local pick-up in Branford, CT + we collaborate with some amazing venues in CT/MA/RI.  Click HERE to contact us & inquire on options in your area!


Orders ship within 3-5 business days via USPS Priority Mail, depending on package weight.  All orders ship FREE.

Additional questions? Email or click HERE to contact us!