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EXCLUSIVELY Home Crafting Design | DIY in a BOX Make a Valentine 10 Pack


This year, we're SO EXCITED to offer one of our FIRST *DIY in a BOX Make a Valentine* kits!!  This 10 pack is so fun, and at just $2.80/bookmark it's really awesome for groups of all ages to craft for themselves, or to serve as small handmade gifts for loved ones (gift packaging included!).  Grab your kit to enjoy a dose of art therapy solo or gather your friends/family & host a *Cheers to LOVE* PAINT PARTY this season!

Our DIY in a BOXes can be crafted at your leisure by referencing the Step-by-Step PDF Instructions (with pictures!) that we'll send right to your inbox after ordering, plus we're here for any additional questions that come up.

Each kit includes the following:

- 10 (4.7"x1.25") Wooden Bookmarks
- 50 (0.67") Wooden Hearts & Glue
- 10 Tassels *Select Your Color Above*
- 10 Sets of Cellophane Gift Bags, Tags & Ribbon
- 4 Paint Brushes & 1 (16 Color) Watercolor Paint Set
- Step-by-step Instructions with Multiple Design Options

What you'll need from home:

- A flat covered surface.
- Cup of Water
- Paper Plate


Special Notes: Orders will ship in 7-10 business days, via UPS or USPS.  Shipping is FREE with home craft purchases of $75 or more.  Additional questions? Click HERE to contact our team!