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DIY a Paint & Sip at Home | Set of 5 Winter Ornaments


We're so excited to share our NEW 2022 Ornament Workshop!!  This SET OF 5 was a joy to design, & even more fun to paint up the sample to share with you all.  You'll LOVE painting & then combining the 11 pieces to create a cohesive set for your tree this year.  PLUS layered cutouts that you paint & then attach mean PERFECT edge lines for everyone.  Grab your kit to enjoy a dose of art therapy solo or TAP HERE for bulk options to gather with friends & host a PAINT PARTY to celebrate the season!!

How do your Home Workshops work?

All of our public Virtual Workshops are now pre-recorded!  Inspired by your requests for more schedule flexibility, we've made the switch from set event times to to instructor led videos which you can access at a time that's convenient for you.  Following your order, you'll receive a link to download your tutorial, then your kit will arrive in the mail, ready to craft!

Each Kit Includes:

- 1 - 3 Piece Layered Forest Wooden Ornament
- 2 - 2 Piece Bear Wooden Ornaments
- 2 - 2 Piece 3D Tree Wooden Ornaments
- Ribbon & Twine
- Drying Paper
- Paint Brushes, Glue & Paint Pots
BONUS Mess Free Silver Hologram Glitter Paint 
- Video Tutorial

What you'll need from home:

- A flat covered surface.
- Scissors
- Cup of Water, Paper Towel & Paper Plate


Special Notes: Ribbon pattern may vary based on supplier availability.  All of our orders ship in 7-10 business days, via UPS or USPS.  Shipping is FREE with home craft purchases of $75 or more.  Additional questions? Click HERE to contact our team!