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All-Ages DIY in a BOX | Wooden Boat with Air Plant


Our All-Ages DIY in a BOXes are a new take on our signature kits, but with a twist- no instruction so painters of all ages can be inspired to implement their own project design ideas!  But don't worry, we're here for any questions along the way.

No need to shop for anything; we’ve done that for you and put it all right into each kit.  All you need is a flat surface covered in newspaper, paper plate & a cup of water to create your planter!  

I ordered my kit, what's next?

1. All orders ship free!  And we'll mail your kit out via USPS First Class or Priority Mail (depending on package weight) in 3-5 business days.
2. When your kit arrives, g
et to painting! We love this time of year because you can head out onto the patio with your supplies & enjoy a night "out" in your own backyard.  See below for Air Plant Care Instructions.
3. Share your painting progress, & pictures of this project on display with us!  Every Monday we randomly choose 1 person who tags @paintedbytheshore on Instagram to be our "winner of the week" & they'll get an awesome prize emailed or mailed to them!

Your DIY in a BOX Kit Includes:

- 1 Round & 1 Flat Paint Brush
- 5.25" Wooden Boat with 2 Oars
- 2-3" Air Plant
- Paint Pots, including: Blue, Red, White & Gold

Air Plant Care Instructions:

Lightly mist the plants with a spray bottle 2-3 times per week, & keep an eye on them to adjust watering as needed (can fluctuate due to humidity in your home).  Note that if you are using tap water to mist your plant, it should be left out for at least 4 hours before using.  Keep your air plant in an area with moderate indirect sunlight or artificial home/office lighting.  Air plants prefer temperatures ranging from 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.  


Additional questions? Email or click HERE to contact us!