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BULK "Grab Bag" DIY in a BOX


Our New "Grab Bag" DIY in a BOXes are a great option for favors, stocking stuffers or family craft night!  Each BULK option comes in a set of 5 (1 in each design) or 10 (2 in each design) 

No need to shop for anything; we’ve done that for you and put it right in the bag.  All you need is a flat surface, paper plate & cup of water to create any ornament you see here.

Each "Grab Bag" Kit Includes:
- 1 Paint Brush
- 1 Pre-drilled Reclaimed Wood Slice Stamped with our Design
- 1 Pre-cut Length of Twine
- 2-5 Tubs of Paint (depending on design)
- An Invitation to Join our Exclusive DIY in a BOX Party Online
- Access to DIY Classes Online

All of our kits are assembled in our Connecticut studio & the wood slices sourced from a small business that gathers & cuts Colorado Aspen trees which fell naturally in the woods. The acrylic paint is non-toxic.