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BULK Set of 10 Custom DIY in a BOX


Our Set of 10 Custom DIY in a BOXes allows YOU to work with our designer Kristina & create ornaments that are truly personal keepsakes.  This option is especially fun for family time during the holidays! Initials, rustic theme, local inspired, the sky really is the limit with this BOX!    

No need to shop for anything; we’ve done that for you and put it right in the boxes.  All you need is a flat surface, paper plate & cup of water to create everything you see here.

Kit Includes:
- 2 Paint Brushes
- 4 Pre-drilled Reclaimed Wood Slices, each Sketched with a Different Design
- 4 Pre-cut Lengths of Twine
- 5-6 Tubs of Paint 
- An Invitation to Join our Exclusive DIY in a BOX Party Online
- Access to DIY Classes Online

All of our kits are assembled in our Connecticut studio & the wood slices sourced from a small business that gathers & cuts Colorado Aspen trees which fell naturally in the woods.  The acrylic paint included is also non-toxic.

Please Note: Upon ordering you will receive an email from Painted by the Shore so we can begin developing your designs.  Sketches will be sent to you for approval & from there Kristina will draw the designs in pencil on your ornaments.