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Custom DIY in a BOX


Our Custom DIY in a BOX allows YOU to work with our designer Kristina & create ornaments that are truly personal keepsakes.  Script initials, rustic theme, florals, local inspired, the sky really is the limit with this BOX!    

No need to shop for anything; we’ve done that for you and put it right in the box.  All you need is a flat surface, paper plate & cup of water to create everything you see here.

Kit Includes:
- 2 Paint Brushes
- 4 Pre-drilled Reclaimed Wood Slices, each Sketched with a Different Design
- 4 Pre-cut Lengths of Twine
- 5-6 Tubs of Paint 
- An Invitation to Join our Exclusive DIY in a BOX Party Online
- Access to DIY Classes Online

All of our kits are assembled in our Connecticut studio & the wood slices sourced from a small business that gathers & cuts Colorado Aspen trees which fell naturally in the woods.  The acrylic paint included is also non-toxic.

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Please Note: Upon ordering you will receive an email from Painted by the Shore so we can begin developing your designs.  Sketches will be sent to you for approval & from there Kristina will draw the designs in pencil on your ornaments.

As this is a pre-sale, ordering today means your DIY in a BOX will ship on 08.15.18 & also on that date all video classes will be posted to our website (details on how to view them will be included in your box).