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EXCLUSIVELY Home Crafting Design | DIY in a BOX Lavender Centerpiece


We're so excited to bring one of our favorite floral projects EVER back for the third time this year!  Our Lavender Centerpiece was inspired by a company-wide love for this type of bloom & wanting to enjoy a maintenance-free faux version of it on our tables, mantles & servers from now 'til August.  Grab your kit today to enjoy a dose of art therapy solo or gather your friends & host a *Cheers to Spring* PAINT PARTY to celebrate the new season!

Our DIY in a BOXes can be crafted at your leisure by referencing the Step-by-Step PDF Instructions (with pictures!) that we'll send right to your inbox after ordering, plus we're here for any additional questions that come up.

Each kit includes the following:

- Smooth Mason Jar Pint
- Faux Lavender
- Ribbon, Paint Pots & Brushes
- Step-by-Step Instructions

What you'll need from home:

- A flat covered surface.
- Cup of Water
- Paper Plate


Special Notes: Orders will ship in 7-10 business days, via UPS or USPS.  Shipping is FREE with home craft purchases of $75 or more.  Additional questions? Click HERE to contact our team!