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DIY in a BOX | Christmas Stocking Ornament


Our 2019 DIY in a BOX Fall/Holiday Collection is all about wood materials, rustic themes & usable pieces that inspire creativity/are designed to accent your home.

No need to shop for anything; we’ve done that for you and put it all right into each BOX.  All you need is a flat surface, paper plate & cup of water to create an amazing piece of usable art.

Kit Includes:
- 1 Paint Brush
- 1 3-4" Reclaimed & Stamped Wood Ornament
- 1 Length of Twine
- 3 Paint Pots
- An Invitation to Join our DIY in a BOX Private Group on Facebook
- Step-by-Step Photo Instructions + Painting Tips on our Blog

All of our kits are assembled in our Connecticut studio.  The wood in each of our kits is hand cut from Colorado Aspen trees that fell naturally in the forest.  The acrylic paint included in each kit is non-toxic.  All orders ship FREE.

Special Note: This is a pre-sale & all 2019 DIY in a BOX Fall/Holiday Collection orders will ship 8/20/19.  Also at that point Step-by-Step instructions will be posted to our Blog.