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Veson Private Event | Geometric Charcuterie Board | 5.26.21 @ 6PM


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We're so excited to share this custom charcuterie board with Veson! Gather with with your coworkers and friends for a fantastic night creating something you'll love using.  

Please note this is a private event for employees and guests of Veson. If you were not invited by Veson, please contact us to schedule your own private event or browse our website to see what public events we have coming up! 

I have my kit, what's next?

Your kit will arrive a few days prior to the event, then gather with us from home at 6 pm EST on 5/26/21 using the Zoom link we'll email you the day of the workshop.

Kit Includes:

- 18" Wood Plank
- Handles & Screws
- Waterproof Coating
- Paint Brushes & Paint Pots
- LIVE interactive step-by-step instructions to create your charcuterie board.

What you'll need from home:

- Wax paper to paint on.
- Phillips Head Screwdriver
- Paper Plate & Cup of Water

How do your Virtual Workshops work?

Similar to our public events, our virtual workshop will allow us to work with you if you get held up, interact with everyone in the group, & share finished pieces with the "room".  The main difference? You're doing it all from the comfort of your home.  


To join this workshop, your order must be placed by 12 pm EST on 4/18/21, to allow time for shipping.  Orders ship FREE via USPS or UPS.  If you can't make the live class, but want to create this project, click below to contact us & we're happy to record the workshop for you! 

Additional questions? Email or click HERE to contact us!